Sebastian Haglund El Gaidi

CEO and Co-Founder

MSc. in Energy Engineering

Royal Institute of Technology

Sebastian has working experience from power trading in a large utility company. His is passionate about contributing to fight climate change and is a strong believer that the use of adequate algorithms has the potential of radically speeding up the transition to a sustainable energy system.

Mihai Chiru

CTO and Co-Founder

MSc. Distributed Systems

Royal Institute of Technology

Mihai is a Senior Data Scientist and software engineer with several years of experience as a consultant in the heat and power industry. Mihai has a strong drive to build smart systems that help transform data into real-world decisions. Mihai is a former practitioner of competitive programming and has participated in several national competitions in Romania.

Ilias Dimoulkas

Senior Data Scientist

MSc. Energy Production and Management

National Technical University of Athens

Ilias is currently pursuing his PhD in the department of Electric Power and Energy Systems at KTH. His research work involves optimization and forecasting techniques in the power systems. He and his team obtained a second position in the wind power forecasting competition organized by the International Conference on the European Energy Market.

Addis Moiteaux

Business Developer

MSc. In Sustainable Energy Engineering

Royal Institute of Technology

Ecole Centrale Marseille

Addis has an energy background with experience working in the Silicon Valley with a large energy utility fostering innovation and collaboration with startups and with a Stockholm-based startup that provides energy solutions to real-estate owners and connects them to help balance the electricity grid.

Henrik Kälvegren

Full stack developer

BSc. Computer Science

Royal Institute of Technology

Henrik thrives in creating products that are accessible and intuitive to the end-customer. He knows the importance of building a user experience that both solves the users’ every day problems, as well as being easy to grasp and understand.

Velibor Zeli


MSc. in Meteorology

University of Novi Sad

Velibor is the team weather expert. He knows a lot about the physical processes governing the dynamics of the atmosphere. Velibor is currently a PhD. student at the Fluid Dynamics department at KTH. His research is in understanding and developing turbulence models for the atmospheric boundary layer. In his time off, Velibor is a dedicated glider pilot.

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