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The energy system is transitioning rapidly with 100s of millions of distributed energy assets getting integrated into the grid. Energy models are needed to optimise planning and operations of these assets. The Rebase Platform empowers stakeholders across the energy sector to drive value with state-of-the-art forecasting, optimisation and simulation models.
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Electric boilers
DC microgrids
EV charging
Heat storage
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Energy Trader
Operations: Competitiveness in energy markets is increasing with shorter trading horizons and increased volatility from weather-driven renewable production. The Rebase Platform provides tooling to create accurate energy forecasting models.
Time savings of 80% in data collection by leveraging our open and enterprise data APIs
Speed up energy modelling by 10X with our streamlined platform tooling
Boost collaboration and innovation within your energy modelling team with the right tooling
Improve energy modelling accuracy by 20% through advanced data and modelling techniques

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