AI-powered simulation of distributed energy resources
Create digital twins of distributed energy systems
Build up digital representations of distributed energy systems including solar PV, wind turbines, batteries, EV charging, heat pumps, energy communities and more.
Scale energy simulations on the cloud
Simulate 1000s of “what-if”- scenarios based on your demand profile to find the most optimal setup and business opportunities of your distributed energy projects.
Unlock value through revenue stacking
Simulate realistic asset controls that create multiple revenue streams including wholesale, frequency regulation and peak shaving.
How it works
Demand profile
Upload your demand profile or estimate it using project specific data such as building characteristics and weather
Create simulation scenarios
Simulate upgrade scenarios of energy components using vendor realistic specifications and degradation rates
Calculate KPIs
Quantify project benefits through KPIs such as energy savings, flexibility revenues, self-consumption and CO2 savings
Communicate with key stakeholders
Create interactive visualisation and PDF-files to communicate insights and takeaways with key stakeholders

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